Thursday, December 08, 2011

Truth in the Tinsel - Week 1

This week in our advent craft countdown, Finn has learned about Jesus being a light sent to the world, represented by the candle, he has learned that Jesus is a prince - shown by the crown. He's learned the roles of Zechariah, Gabriel, Mary & Elizabeth, and about Mary singing a song of worship.

So far, this program is a success, we've remembered to do it each day, and the crafts are at just the right level for Finn to do with my help. It's quick enough to keep his attention the whole time, and he is so pleased to have his own Christmas corner with a garland & lights to hang his ornaments on.

If you haven't seen the E-book yet, you can find it here, and do one of the short versions this year -- there are several options if you do not have time to do all 24 activities/days.

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