Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pretty Things

Unless I sew for myself, I don't have many opportunities to sew 'pretty' things. Finn's sewing is fairly boring ... raglans, pants, simple boy stuff.

I did recently make a jumper for a friend's daughter, and now that I know it's arrived, here's a peek at what I created (drafted myself for the most part).

Dress for J

Another opportunity for me to create pretty things is a swap on a message board I am on. I've made two of these aprons, and will tackle some kid-themed items tomorrow.

Newbie Swap Apron

They were simple, and fairly quick to put together. I really love the Amy Butler coordinates and was happy to find a project that suited the leftovers I had after nearly finishing a shirt for myself (no photo of that until I find the perfect button for it)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A challenge

Stephanie has thrown up a challenge ... which I'll gladly take up ... :) And, since I made my last shirt before the challenge, I'll even make a new one for January (working on it now!).

And, I've made another round of spotted box samples. Sixty freebies shipped this morning.


Cup cozies & business card holders.



Thursday, January 17, 2008

Whoo Hoo! A new shirt for me!

Self Drafted Shirt

I did a quick test of this yesterday, and today fixed the fit. This went together very quickly ... I think I'll make it a bit looser next time, but it's comfy & might be my new wardrobe 'staple' going into spring.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Dark Brown Fabric ... is hard to find

I love fabric. It's hard to sew without it ... but I do have a decent little stash now, and don't constantly need to buy for each project. I did have to run out yesterday to get some coordinating solids to go with prints I had, in order to sew for Orchid Place's stocking this Tuesday. I had a great toile from Michael Miller, this one in fact, and wanted to make a carrier from it. But, there is no dark brown fabric dark enough to go with it. So I bought a buttery soft cord instead, and made it with a different fabric from the same toile collection.

Toile Carrier - new style

I also bought this fabulous Cream & Black print, I think it'll be a skirt for me, although the lady who cut it at the store suggested I just stretch it over a canvas and hang it on the wall. It's that lovely. Too bad you can't touch it thru your monitor.

Fabric for me

Aside from that, all the other fabrics I got are for fairly specific projects to sew within the next few weeks (or months), either to list at babyGO, or to sew for Finn.

Finn's going to have a great little wardrobe if I can squeak out enough time to sew around homework, housework, and our busy schedule. My Ottobre patterns are finally getting the love they deserve, and Finn is the wearer of some new raglan testers as I made modifications to the pattern, and overalls, which were made almost completely as the pattern was written. A pair of mittens is also completed, and a fleece jacket awaits zipper & hem. I'll be making more raglan tees now that I've got the pattern to a point that it's a good fit for Finn.

First Raglan - too wide

Knit fabrics & I will be getting along much better now that I have a serger.