Saturday, January 23, 2010

A conversation with a small boy.

(Earlier today, we came up with the idea of giving all my son's diapers to a baby for my son's birthday -- since he'll be 3 and a 'big boy'. He was totally on board, 3 hours ago.)

Just now, the little guy & I were chatting, and he asked me to retrieve an out of reach toy.

Me: I can get that if you tell me what you're going to with your diapers on your birthday.

Small boy: I can't tell you.

Me: Why can't you tell me?

Small boy: It's a surprise.

Right. I have a feeling the surprise is going to be that he's changed his mind.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Craft supplies & ideas

Now that we're in week two of providing home child care, my meager supply of craft items is quickly being used up.

I've got construction paper, tp & paper towel tubes, some empty kleenex boxes. I've got lots of little photos cut out from magazines, lots of scraps of fabric. There's also empty thread spools.

We've got crayons, glue, pencil crayons.

I've got a laminating machine to make things like these stained glass projects. But we need more ideas ... things that are fun, suited to a wide range of ages (1-4 year olds), and that don't use any expensive materials.