Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Was Wonderful

We spent lots of time with family over the 24th, 25th & 26th, and have spent the days since then playing with our gifts. Dave working on his model train, Finn playing with everything he can reach, and I've been using my new serger & camera.

I tested out the serger by making quite a few wipes, as we can never have too many ... and having finished that, I made these cute overalls for Finn.

Bamboo Velour Sock Monkey Overalls Otto 6 07

Finn In BV Sock Monkey Overalls

Friday, December 21, 2007

Trying Again

I'm going to try. To write more often. To be more accountable to whoever's out there reading in blog land. So, here goes. Yesterday was our 2nd day with no water this week. The first was a screw up on the part of the city, yesterday was planned, but we got no notice. Put a big delay on our day, as I couldn't shower or bathe Finn until late afternoon. I did get almost all my holiday sewing done. All that is left is the waist band for one skirt, and Finn's sock monkey & mini-quilt. And, if I get enough time, I just might make some cozy velour pants with sock monkey details for Finn, since I bought him a cute brown sweater with red & cream stripes that reminds me of the sock monkey fabrics. I'm going to be taking a break from Orchid Place for the first few months of 2008, so that I can focus on my two final courses at Sheridan College. Once they are finished I will have completed all the course work to be a legitimate interior decorator, and will be working towards making Colour On The Walls a viable business. I'll still be stocking textile toys along with the other creative minds at In Their Hands, and bags and carriers will always be available at babyGO. Last week, I got the fabric gallery together for babyGO, at least for the woven fabrics. I'm happy it's complete, and that I don't have as much fabric as I thought I did! If you're family .... check out Finn's blog ... I'm updating that more often as well!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I've finished all the samples, and they should be arriving at their first destination shortly. What a relief it was to complete them. I also managed to sew and stock new items at both babyGO and Orchid Place last week, and this week committed to join In Their Hands, check it out! I got a bad haircut, got it fixed, and then got that one improved, so I've had 3 hair cuts in the past 11 days! I think it's all good now, and will hopefully stay that way. I also settled on a name for my own interior company ... I'm very happy to have that firmed up, and can now move ahead with promotion plans and such, and set up to open in February 2008. :) Have a great day!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm really going to update this more often. Really.

Ok, I think I need to be more intentional about this blog. So, I'm starting over. I'm going to try really hard to post more often, weekly at least. I'm going to write about whatever I want. Some of this may duplicate Finn's blog (access to family only!), but hey ... if you read both, you're family ad used to me chatting lots :) I'm going to hopefully update progress on my sewing, both for Orchid Place, babyGO and personal sewing for myself, Finn and gifts. I'll post photos of Dave's train set as it becomes more than 6" of styrofoam on a plywood platform. You'll get to see photos of Penny, Parker & Jesse too. Sewing Update I have 4 of 55 change purses completed for The Spotted Box. I have 10 more cut out and ready to sew. I have fabric for all of them - just need to get back to cutting. There are too many other projects to list right now, so I will only ramble on about projects that are at least cut out! And perhaps updating the blog will encourage me to start and finish projects! Life Update Finn is 7.5 mths old! Crazy. He has 3 teeth, 2 of them on the top, they're sharp - really sharp. Dave can confirm this for you, as Finn enjoys chewing on shoulders. Currently, Dave has taking the little guy out for the afternoon, so that I can have a bit of a break - I have used this break very wisely ... made chili, washed diapers, rescued my desk blotter from my crazy paper eating dog, and as soon as I'm done typing this update, I'm going to have a shower without listening for Finn ... you who don't have sole responsibility for another person 24/7 some weeks will not fully be able to appreciate how wonderful that really is! And, a wonderful has happened! It's finally fall! Cool and a bit of a brisk breeze ... perfect sweater weather :)