Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A year of Christmas ...

I know, I know, it just ended ...

If you aren't sick of Christmas yet, and you want to get your crafting finished before the 24th of December next year ... check out what we're working on at Sewing Mamas - A year of Christmas

Here's a preview of some great tutorials that have been gathered up to help us get a head start on Holiday Decorating for 2010 -- January's theme. Each month has a theme to focus the sewing efforts.

I can't wait to see how many of us can finish this!


1. Stockings with rick rack

2. Stockings from quilts,

3. Stocking tute

4. Rick rack flowers

5. Button wreaths

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dare I say I'll write more?

It seems to be a theme. I post for a few days/weeks, then turn into slacker blogger. But I genuinely intend to post more often! I have a few bloggy ideas in my mind. I hope to post more often going forward. I've been having a great time participating in a '12 days of Christmas' swap over at the forums. It's been so fun to open a gift each of the past ten days. I'm just waiting on the last two to arrive in the mail. Finn has been very excitedly opening his advent calendar each day since the first ... it's a winter forest scene from Playmobil. Each day offers an animal or tree or other forest prop, and I believe tomorrow's door will reveal a jolly elf dressed in red. The best part is -- I think I can stash this away for next year and get two years of use from it. Maybe I'll make a decision on a sewn one by Christmas 2011 ... I keep changing my plan, so I haven't started one yet. How are your Christmas preparations coming? We're nearly done -- two gifts left to wrap that Finn picked out this morning, one load of laundry to do so we all have clean clothes to wear to our many family events (Christmas Eve church, brunch on 25th, dinner on 25th, dinner on 26th), and Dave is picking up the last 4 items on the grocery list right now. It's only 2:45 on teh 23rd! I think tomorrow is going to be the first lazy 24th we've had in a few years. Hope to be back soon .... if not ...
Merry Christmas to All!