Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The literal interpretations of a two year old.

Mama: "Finn, I've got the WonderPets song stuck in my head"

Finn: messed up mama's hair "Open up hair, get out of it"

Mama: "No Finn, it's not really INSIDE my head, you can't get it out like that"

Finn: now pulling mama's hair "Open it! Not stuck get out!"

And, just so it can be stuck in your head too ... Click Here ... (get a good giggle from the 'no copyright infringement intended, even though the images and sound totally belong to NickJr.')

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sewing Mama S.W.A.P. Contest

Almost forgot ... I received 3rd place in the Adult S.W.A.P. (Sew with a plan) contest on Sewing Mamas!


I did most of the sewing for this 6 week contest in 3 weeks due to our vacation timing. I finished the last item on a loaner machine as my beloved Emerald was in for service - warranty work. She never did get repaired and was replaced within hours of the techs at Husqvarna seeing her. The new one is lovely, sounds a bit nicer and the needle up buttons works!

April 29th? Really. Sorry about that.

Ok, I'm a slacker. Blogging just doesn't get priority these days (months?!)

May ... what did we do in May? I'm not sure ... but I'm certain it was a good time!

Oh, right ... sister-in-law's birthday, mother's day, a long weekend with no plans ... that was May. Then, our vacation - we drove out to New Brunswick and camped all over the province, and returned home to June.

Some other photos from May - I wore a sari to church for Mother's Day - a friend from Singapore was having her son's baby dedication & several of us wore them to help her feel at home as none of her family could make it.

June is over. I have no idea how that happened. The month did wrap up with some great news - my sister had a baby - he's lovely and we're all enjoying having a fresh baby in the extended family.

July started off nicely - a BBQ with friends to get things rolling and celebrate Canada Day.

Now ... you know I'll try to post more frequently as summer progresses. We've got 4 more camping trips planned before snow flies, so there should be lots of photos!