Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What good is a post without photos?

It's not a very good post. You're right. But, I have miles of photos to organize, edit, resize ... before they can be posted here or shared.

We've been camping twice since my last message, once to Algonquin where Finn tackled the portages - up to 1275m - carrying his own little pack. We've celebrated 2 grandparents' birthdays. I've sewn a great deal, for Finn's fall wardrobe, some baby carriers, both gifts and sold ones. I think I even have a new favourite.

We've also been getting Finn ready to go to preschool. He's had a few practice visits, and will start going on his own one morning a week just after Labour Day.

Photos coming soon. Really. :)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Be bigger Monday.

That's what Finn told me today. Along with 'go to school in 'tember'.

He's certain that he's not big enough today to use the potty, but that on Monday he'll be bigger and he'll use it. We'll see how that goes. But in preparation, I made him a cute little pair of training pants from great pattern a friend mentioned to me. I'll add a link & a photo tomorrow or Monday, but if you want to have a look for the pattern before then just search for Ladder Hill Design, and the pattern is for the Tinkle Time Trainer.

He's also quite excited to be going to school in September. This week we'll have our test visit to the preschool in preparation for a once weekly class that begins after Labour Day. He'll be the youngest in the group, as he'll just be 2 1/2, and that is the earliest they can go. I'm sure he'll enjoy it, it'll be just like another play date with a bit of structure. I'm looking forward to having 2 hours a week to see clients, ride my horse, maybe meet a friend for coffee now and then.

Happy Civic Holiday, enjoy the long weekend!