Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some finished sewing.

First, finished these for a friend who's baby is due soon. Cushions for her rocking chair, 3 swaddle size blankies, 12 wipes, and 4 travel/mini wipes.


Next, some items to help organize my packing for an 11 day vacation - sharing one large suitcase with a 18mth old is going to require serious organizing! So, we have a packing envelope, to keep shirts nicely folded and wrinkle free, as well as mesh/cotton bags to contain socks, tank tops, small things that get lost in the bottoms of suitcases. These have mesh on one side so it's easy to see what's inside, and pretty cotton to coordinate with the envelope. Finn has a set of bags as well, but I haven't taken a photo of them yet.




Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh, YUM!

I am all of a sudden very hungry for potatoes. Not just any spuds, but these. Don't they look lovely? I guess that solves the ever present dilemma of what to eat for dinner tomorrow.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Orchid Place Anniversary

I've been sewing quite a bit lately, but these are the only things I've taken photos of - 12 bibs. How thrilling. They are for the Anniversary sale at Orchid Place on July 22.



I'll try to get photos of the rest of the sewing later - new shorts for Finn and more.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kawawaymog, Amable Du Fond & North Tea


We arrived home last night from our Algonquin park trip for this summer. It was a relatively easy trip - except for the paddle home across Kawawaymog (or Round) Lake - Dave ended up walking in the shallows, pulling the canoe while I held Finn as he napped. The wind & waves were just too much for our paddling talents.

It was a good trip, we saw one moose, one deer, several loons, the usual seagulls, a few herons, and I spotted a duck with ducklings along the marsh. We all saw another duck with older ducklings on a dock. The only other 'wildlife' we encountered were the mosquitoes. Not too bad, though we all have bites, the wind Saturday & Sunday kept the bulk of them away.

We camped at a site about 2/3 of the way down the West arm of North Tea Lake, on the North side. We were pleased to see we had our own private beach when we arrived, nice gradual sand entry to the water. The wind on Saturday gradually pushed the waves up the sand until the beach was gone, and on Sunday there was no sign of it at all, the water was right up to the plants & fallen log.

Three hours of rain on Saturday evening caused us to get very cozy in our little tent ... I think 'two man' is right! Two adults plus toddler is quite cramped for anything other than sleeping. But, we survived, Finn thought it was fun to climb on everyone and everything, and did a great job playing with the very few toys we'd brought.

In case we ever forget ... someone remind us ... NO MORE east to west paddles across big lakes. There's always too much wind, it's never a good time, and we always forget by the time we plan the next trip!